About Us

our mission

To construct an all inclusive playground that will meet the needs of not only children, but adults with disabilities (parents, grandparents, and caregivers). It will allow those adults to interactively play with their children in a safe but easily accessible play environment. Plans are in place for extra wide ramps to almost all play stations and a centrally located tree house structure with an exhibit room and surrounding decks. A wheelchair swing will be an important feature of the play area.  The entire playground surface will be covered with a smooth safety base covering, which will allow for easy transport of wheelchairs, walkers and crutches throughout the entire play area.

The park will be dedicated to all US Veterans, with special emphasis of those vets with disabilities. It also will be built In Memory of Corporal Troy Dyer, a hometown hero who overcame his paraplegic disabilities caused during his second tour of the Vietnam War.

How we will succeed

At the request of a group of concerned volunteers, our Playground Committee was approved and appointed by The City Council of Ringgold, GA.  We have accepted the responsibility to obtain and acquire funds necessary to purchase all equipment, structures and safety surface through any and all fundraising programs, grants and individual corporate sponsorships.  The City of Ringgold has committed property for the park’s location which is beside the The Little General Children’s Park.  The city will provide a prepared site with all engineering infrastructure, drainage and parking. Our committee will be responsible for obtaining all other necessary funds for the park’s construction.

our helping hand

The committee has chosen to work with GameTime, a PlayCore company based in Chattanooga, TN. They specialize in custom designs and custom equipment with special emphasis on meeting the needs of persons with disabilities. They also organize and provide on-site engineers who will plan and coordinate the Community Build Project.  We hope to have sponsorship of volunteer teams from individual businesses, organizations and individuals throughout our area.